TypeCast is in the first place a visual version control system. You can easily preview older versions of your UFOs. Uploading a UFO directly from fontlab to the server will create a revision. Restoring and animating through all of your revisions makes it visually understandable.

TypeCast is a small online UFO fonteditor.

typecast from Frederik Berlaen on Vimeo.

It’s possible to edit your glyphs, it has an undo manager that keeps track of all your local adjustments before saving the font to the server.

Once registred, each time you save the server keeps a revision.

Afterwards press ‘animate revisions’ to cycle visually through all of your changes.

You can rename/adjust some basic font-info. More font-info will follow later on. I’m planning to stick as close as possible to the UFO info object .

This can be implemented into a UFO workflow. Connecting to a svn/git or other version control system is will be possible, as will exporting a UFO directly from Fontlab to the server .

made by Frederik Berlaen
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